• What if I have sensitive ears to certain metals?

    HotMessOfAnArtist Creations does have the option for Surgical Steel FishHooks and Clip-ons. Also we provide Plastic FishHooks for those who have really extreme sensitive to their skin.

    Do Plastic Fish Hooks cost extra?

    No, plastic fish hooks do not effect the price of products.

  • What if I don't have peirced ears but want to purchase earrings?

    HotMessOfAnArtist Creations does provide Clip-On style for all earrings listed on the shop.

  • Will there be more products in the future?

    HotMessOfAnArtist Creations will be expanding their shop with Stickers, Prints, and More in the near future! Follow HotMessOfAnArtist social media's for updates.

  • When will you restock___?

    For all retsock updates be sure to be following my social medias: TikTok, Instagram and FaceBook @hotmessofanartistcreations

    Most earrings or necklaces will be restocked within 1-6 weeks when sold-out. Certain paintings will be restocked within 2-4 months when sold-out. Some items are a one time make, limited edition or seasonal and won't be restocked.

  • Can you make__?

    I currently have my commissions closed, will be reopening within the near future!

    As well I am not taking request on commissions for products within my shop. If you have a product you want added to my shop leave a message on any of my social medias. I love hearing feedback on products you would love to see more of in the future.

  • Can you package my order on TikTok?

    Yes I can! Leave me a comment with your order number and I will try to film a packaging video. Packaging videos are random and not guaranteed. If I have a high volume of orders, I may not be able to have time to film a packaging video.

  • How to have a chance to be featured on HotMessOfAnArtist Creations Instagram or Facebook page?

    To have a chance to be featured on the Instagram page or Facebook page, all you simply have to do is take a picture of your items you've ordered once you have receive them and tag us in the post!

    Peoples post will be randomly selected and not all post are guaranteed to be featured on either instagram or Facebook page.

  • Why is your ship out dates 7-21 business days?

    HotMessOfAnArtist Creations primary scheduled shipping date for all products is Monday. (If an order is made on a Monday that order doesn’t go out with that weeks shipments. It will go out the following Monday since most pieces are made to order.) If shipment date falls on a Holiday there will be a delay for shipments.

    Ready to order items will be out within 7 business days.

    Made to order items will be out within 1-2 weeks, If high demand in orders it will take 2-3 weeks.

  • Why is your shipping slow during the Holiday seasoning?

    HotMessOfAnArtist Creations shipping can potentially be slower during the Holiday season due to the high demand of packages and mail being brought to the post office and needing to be sent out.

    My advice when buying items from HotMessOfAnArtist Creations that you are getting for as a Christmas or holiday gift, I highly recommend getting them ahead of time to make sure it gets to you in a timely matter.

    HotMessOfAnArtist Creations isn't responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed packages. You’ll be held responsible for the shipping fees of your purchases and any return fees if you refuse a shipment from HotMessOfAnArtist Creations.

  • My order says it's delivered but has not arrived.

    USPS will sometimes update the tracking of your package before it is delivered. If your package still has not arrived within 1-3 days, contact your local post office to open an investigation regarding the location of your order. Please beware that during the Holidays shipping times can be delayed. I package all orders in the order they arrive and are shipping within my processing times.

  • Dose HotMessOfAnArtist Creations ship internationally?

    As of this year right now, HotMessOfAnArtist Creations does not ship internationally at this current moment, only within the U.S.

    We will be looking and love to expand our shipping within the near future!

  • What is your policy on lost, stolen, or delayed shipments?

    HotMessOfAnArtist Creations is not responsible for any lost, stolen, delayed packages. You’ll be held responsible for the shipping fees of your purchases and any return fees if you refuse a shipment from HotMessOfAnArtist Creations.

  • Caring for your Clay.

    Polymer Clay jewelry is very sturdy and can last with proper care due to these being completely handmade, they can have some minor differences that add to their uniqueness.

    • Store jewelry in a clean dry area that is away from direct sunlight.
    • Keep jewelry away from any heat degree 275 and above (130 Celsius and above) can cause it to soften.
    • Keep these items away from sharp objects that could scratch at the clay/paint.
    • Do not purposely bend your clay. Although the clay is bendable, please refrain from purposely doing so to ensure long lasting, excessive bending, can cause it to snap or break.
    Clay earrings can be delicate even with a coat of UV resin, be careful if dropping on a hard floor can cause it to break or snap.

  • Dose HotMessOfAnArtist Creations offer FREE Shipping?

    Yes, HotMessOfAnArtist Creations does offer FREE shipping.

    We offer FREE shipping on orders over $100 US dollars ONLY. (At the moment we only offer US shipping)

    *FREE shipping does/doesn't (depending on discounts or deals) combine with other discounts and deals.*
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  • What if my ears are stretched or have gauges?

    No problem! Our shop offers lever back hooks to make it possible for you to put them through your open gauges easily

  • How do I leave a review on HotMessOfAnArtist Creations products?

    To leave a review, you must purchase something and be subscribed to our email. Then within 4 days of fulfillment you'll get a review request email. If you don't respond to that email, then you'll be reminded one more time to leave a review within 5 days of the first email being sent.

    (You are not obligated to leave a review on our product. But please if you do leave a review, be respectful, helpful, and truthful. Thank you.)
  • My jewelry arrived, and it looks slightly different from the stock photo. Why?

    Every piece of jewelry is handmade & hand painted, meaning each, and every one is unique! Minor imperfections and differences in textures and patterns should be expected; no two pieces are the same. Colors and shades often vary based on the type of screen and/or device you are viewing. In order to most accurately depict our products, our stock photos are taken in natural light environments and no filters are used.

  • What is a Super Supporter?

    Super Supporters, are customers who have ordered 10 times or more within my shop. Customers who qualify, will get exclusive discounts, deals, and sneak peaks at new arrivals before release.

    Every month they'll get an exclusive email with info on discounts and deals that they can use within that month period. They will only get these emails once the requirements have been reached. Also exclusive discount codes will be sent within orders of customers who are Super Supporters as well.

    The discounts and deals regulate in-between being able to use all the time, one time use, or just within that month period. A few examples of what kind of deals and discounts that will be giving are a decent amount off on an entire order or product, buy 1 get 2 free deals and more.

  • Handmade Clay Pins

    We are now transforming some of our earring designs into pins!

    These pins are made from polymer clay and uv resin for protection.


    Even though we will be transforming design that we offer as earrings into pins, they won't all be identical or related to how they look in earring form. Some pins will but there will also be pins that are the same design but different styles of those current designs.

  • Rules of being a Super Supporter.

    • Must have ordered 10 times or more
    • Must join our email list to be able to get the deals and discounts & to stay in the loop.
    • Most important rule of all. Please DO NOT share your exclusive discounts with other people who don't meet the requirements. (If so, I will know & you'll be given a 1 time warning, after that if you do it again you'll be banned from being a Super Supporter.)
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Thank you to all the love and support, none of it goes unnoticed. Without your guys help my dreams wouldn't be possible! I hope all my little and big creations brighten up your life just a little bit more!

Sincerely, a hot mess of an artist